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EcoArt products use environmentally friendly solutions; from the materials used, the manufacturing processes down to the delivery of the final product. 

The entire range of corrugated products is made using papers from either a recycled or sustainable source. Furthermore, all the products are manufactured in the UK, reducing the environmental impact of importing goods from around the world.

As a direct result of recycling corrugated board within the UK, an area the size of Greater London is saved from landfill every 4 months.

This is why throughout the EcoArt collection, you will see the following symbols. 


Environmental symbols

These logos inform you of the environmental credentials of each product.

In corrugated materials there are two forms of environmental solutions, sustainable and recycled.

Sustainable material are virgin fibre based and controlled by a variety of forest management  and chain of custody schemes. The most widely known organisations involved in chain of custody schemes are FSC® and PEFC®.


fsc symbol

FSC - (The Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organisation promoting responsible forest management. It operates a scheme that traces and verifies timber and wood products originating from FSC certified forests.
It also works closely with the Governments within the certified regions and has the support of the other environmental organisations.
For information on FSC contact - www.FSC.org


PEFC- (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is an independent, no-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 1999. It promotes sustainable managed forests through independent third party certification. The PEFC accreditation provides assurance of legal sourcing and sustainable forest management.
For information on PEFC contact - www.pefc.org


Corrugated board is a highly environmentally efficient material with an unbeatable record for recycling and recovery.


Recycled is the use of materials that have originated from re-pulped paper and packaging based products.

Approximately 80% of the corrugated packaging used in the UK is recycled. The fibres used in corrugated packaging can be collected, recycled, re-used and back in use within 14 days of disposal. The re-use of the fibres through the process of recycling minimises waste disposal to landfill and reduces the need for virgin wood pulp. For further information on the excellent recycling credentials of corrugated, visit  www.recycledpaper.org.uk


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