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Gummed paper tape

Unbeatable carton sealing & environmentally friendly price-checker.png

gummed-paper-tape-ww.thepackagingsite.co.uk.jpg From £1.02 per roll

Gummed paper tape is a strong, high quality paper tape that has incredible bonding power with cardboard and has a high resistance to variations in temperature & humidity. This tape also provides added security as it cannot be removed without leaving signs of damage once it is attached. Use in conjunction with a gummed paper tape dispenser to activate the adhesive. An environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to standard polypropylene tapes.


We supply two types of Gummed Paper Tape:

  • Standard tape is ideal for pre-pack work involving bulky envelopes and small packages.
  • Reinforced Tape is made with extra 3-way glass fibre yarns. 
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