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Light Duty Lay Flat Tubing

Create bags of any size with our light duty lay flat tubing price-checker.png

Light duty Lay Flat Tubing From £14.05 per roll

Protect items from dirt, dust and moisture with our quality lay flat polythene tubing. Lay flat polythene tubing is sold as one continuous roll and available in a selection of widths and gauges which can be sealed with a heat sealer to create your own custom bags. Use in conjunction with a heat sealer, packaging tape, ties, or staples to seal and secure the bag. 

Available in 200, 400 & 495 gauges:

Light gauge (50m micron/ 200 gauge)
Medium gauge (100 micron / 400 gauge)
Heavy duty gauge (125 micron / 495 gauge)
Black heavy duty gauge (125 micron / 495 gauge)

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