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Box on demand (Tailor-made packaging)

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Tailor-made packaging is the future of bespoke box-making, replacing corrugated box stocks and shipping of oversized packaging, in both production and distribution packing environments. The Packaging Site's Tailor-made Packaging solutions produce right-size boxes for any order, and include an expert mix of machinery, software, accessories, consumables, and services.

With Homag Automation you receive a box making machine, that gives you the power to create a box in any size you need and at exactly the time you need it.

11 Benefits of Taylor-made packaging: 

  1. Use less corrugated: By using correct size boxes, Tailor-made packaging users significantly reduce their corrugated cardboard usage.
  2. Minimise void fill: The smallest possible box means there’s a reduced need for unsustainable void fillers, eliminating up to 50 percent used.
  3. Reduce box management: Companies that use packaging Tailor-made packaging don’t need to worry about managing a large box stocks.
  4. Optimise warehouse space: By eliminating a large box stocks, companies are able to free up valuable warehouse space. Store products instead of cardboard boxes and loosefill.
  5. Reduce labour: In many cases, Less employees are needed to achieve a faster cycle time when using Tailor-made packaging.
  6. Reduce infrastructure: Right-sized boxes mean you get more value from existing infrastructure. More boxes can fit in a lorry, a conveyor, or any other part of your supply chain.
  7. Increase throughput: When companies are able to produce any sized box at any time, orders can be turned around quicker by eliminating box size guesswork.
  8. Minimise damages: By eliminating empty space in boxes, this has been proven to greatly reduce damages to your products by restricting movement in the box.
  9. Reduce shipping costs: Shipping companies charge for packages based on weight and size; it’s more important than ever to minimise your box sizes.
  10. Increase sustainability: The Packaging Sites customers use less corrugated and filler material, while also improving their shipping activities. This results in less trees cut, less landfills filled, and cleaner air for us all.
  11. Increase customer satisfaction: Your customers don’t want to have to throw away oversized boxes and the awful amounts of void filler sent with them. Smaller boxes reduce damages and improve your customers’ brand experience.

How will you use The Packaging Site to save?

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Click here for VKS250 Tailor-made Packaging Video

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New guides available

Guides now available for both single wall and double corrugated cardboard boxes.

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