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The Truth Unraveled - How Is Corrugated Cardboard Manufactured

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Corrugated cardboard has been playing a major role in the way we pack things and it has done so since the 1800’s.

We have all used cardboard for one thing or another, whether we use corrugated boxes to move house, send parcels, sell products or simply need more storage space, using cardboard is the norm.

Cardboard is without a doubt the fundamental material used in the packaging industry. However it is so easy to forget where this essential material comes from and what process it goes through in order for this packaging essential to reach us consumers.

Lets first see what is corrugated cardboard is made of.

Cardboard; like paper, is made by processing trees and transforming them into our so much needed corrugated cardboard packages.

Cardboard or fiberboard is made of a very heavy type of paper called container-board. The liner-board is the flat part of the cardboard that is glued to the medium. This is the wavy bit of paper in-between the liners of the board.

Corrugated board – From Source To Consumer

When boxes are being manufactured there are two types of liners, the liner is the paper material that’s placed above

and below the fluting, which in turn produces the corrugated material.

In order to have board that can be printed on they normally have an inner paper liner and Kraft paper on the outer section. This is because Kraft paper is a lot smoother than the test liner and has a brilliant finish when printed on.

Kraft paper’s fine finish is due to softwood trees, such as pine, eucalyptus and spruce, which is wood with long, flexible fibers, making Kraft paper extremely resilient and with high wear and tear threshold.

Kraft paper is also commonly used to produce the fluted paper between the liners, making the board even stronger and resilient.

The test paper liners on the other hand are made of hardwood, such as Oak, Ask tree or birch and are made up of short fibers. However recycled paper is also a great environmentally friendly alternative to manufacture the test liner making it so much cheaper to make.

Types Of Corrugated Board

There are typically 3 types of corrugated cardboard; single wall, double wall and triple wall. The flute that is used makes the board more or less resilient, determining the strength of the cardboard.

Cardboard boxes come in a variety of different shapes, strengths and colours. The most common being brown, however if you browse the web you will come across a variety of colours making them ideal to packaging a variety of goods.


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