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EcoArt: Moving towards a greener future

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"Breathtaking, affordable, and environmentally friendly"

EcoArt is an exciting new innovative, low cost, and environmentally friendly product ideal for home decoration, business merchandising, exhibition displays, presentations, and much more. EcoArt panels are available in a wide range of sizes with several profile styles to choose from including; square, rectangular, and customizable multiple panel displays. The implementation for EcoArt has boundless possibilities and is suitable for a whole host of requirements.

Each EcoArt panel is manufactured from environmentally friendly FineArtFlute™ and printed using the latest digital technology which allows EcoArt to accurately reproduce images with pixel perfect precision. EcoArt panels are long lasting, light weight, durable, wipe clean, versatile, and have a strong premium build that is a giant leap forward from traditional canvases. EcoArt is perfect for every room in the home - including children’s bedrooms – & the office, business merchandising & signage, presentations, and provide a stunning backdrop for photographers to show off their work.

"EcoArt products use environmentally friendly solutions; from the materials used, the manufacturing processes down to the delivery of the final product"

EcoArt provides eye-catching decoration to any home, office space, or business. Our innovative FineArtFlute material ensures the needed durability of a wall-mountable decoration being that they are built to stand the test of time with no signs of sagging, stretching, discolouration, or any other nuisances commonly found in ageing traditional canvases.

"Light yet exceptionally hard-wearing"

  • EcoArt has a reduced weight; they use fewer raw materials which all add to its fantastic cost effective quality, (and fewer materials mean less shipping costs) making the EcoArt canvas a smart choice for your home.
  • EcoArt is 100% recyclable, so when you are ready for a change of decoration or new signage they can be easily recycled and replaced at a cheap price.

You can choose from a wide range of designs or create your own personalised panel with a memorable photograph or custom design.

The Packaging Sites EcoArt panels starting prices are £14.16 while for the same sized traditional Canvas prints typically start in the range of £29.99.

Product demonstration

Below is an example of a personalised EcoArt print. The close up shots show the dimple canvas-like texture the pin-sharp accuracy of the print.

Below: Close up shot shows how the digital printing recreates intricate details with precision. The text, wood grain, and blades of grass are incredibly crisp. Normal canvas prints would struggle to get the same amount of detail due to sagging material.

Below: This close up shot shows the solid, dimpled canvas-like material. The tiny shadows thrown by each dimple provides a lovely, subtle backdrop. It also demonstrates how effectively the subtle details in the sky is represented.


"...unbelievable light. I could literally lift it with my one finger!"

"Is children and elderly friendly"

"The quality… it is perfect, nice sharp colours, just like the original picture. Lovely crisp white and perfectly finished back. And perfect corners. "

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