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Our huge range of packaging tapes are suitable for numerous applications from sealing cartons to securing packages. Standard polypropylene packaging tape is available with acrylichot melt, and solvent adhesives. Alternatively gummed paper tape provides an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging tape. We also stock printed tape, low noise tapecoloured tapevinyl tape, and masking tape. General purpose polypropylene tape is available in brown / buff and clear colours in a range of widths starting from 24mm, up to 75mm - and lengths up to 132 metres.

Low noise tape retains the same strong adhesive properties as regular packaging tape, but without the same level of noise. Perfect for busy working areas, open-plan environments or other noise sensitive environments. 

Hot melt tape has a strong adhesive and provides packages with a secure seal. A versatile tape designed for paper and cardboard, and is resilient to cold temperature storage. This tape is highly recommended for its powerful adhesive properties for both Test and Kraft based materials. 

Solvent tape adhesive is a high performance packaging tape. Has superb adhesive properties and sticks to most surfaces which makes this a great all round multi-purpose tape. 

Masking tape's easy tear, easy removal, water, solvent and temperature resistant properties make this a popular tape with D.I.Y and craft enthusiasts alike. Can be used to provide protection to a variety of surfaces, often used to protect areas while painting. 

Gummed paper tape is a strong, high quality paper tape that has incredible bonding power with cardboard and has a high resistance to variations in temperature's & humidity. This tape also provides added security as it cannot be removed without leaving signs of damage once it is attached. Use in conjunction with a gummed paper tape dispenser to activate the adhesive. An environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to standard polypropylene tapes. 

Printed tape provides packages with extra security by highlighting the importance of the contents. Printed tape can have numerous prints such as 'CAUTION', 'FRAGILE' or 'CONTENTS CHECKED'. Ideal for adding another layer of security for packages.

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