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Vinyl tape

Hard wearing, heavy duty, do-it-all-tape price-checker.png

3m-scotch-buff-brown-pvc-vinyl-tape-ww.thepackagingsite.co.uk.jpg From £1.40 per roll

Can be used for masking, sealing, splicing, and marking areas. This tear and burst resistant vinyl tape can also be used in environments susceptical to temperature change. A flexible tape which contours to curves and irregular surfaces allows for precise marking.

The long lasting aggressive adhesive ensures superb sealing power which can be easily removed while leaving no residue. Sticks instantly to cardboard and polythene, along with most other surfaces.

Vinyl tape is available in 50mm and 75mm widths with a length of 66m in buff and clear colours. 

Suitable for office, warehouse, and general packaging requirements.

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